The Destiny Of Dunsany

Session #10

The session opens with Drax kind of concerned that he hasn’t done much of anything to help to train his army recently. He quickly visits with Murgin and Sabb, and basically tells them to train their respective bands. This should get interesting. Jamalla packs up a flagon of mead, in case we run into Donkey again.

This time when we announce ourselves at the forest’s edge and announce our quest, nothing happens. We wander inside. Harmattan manages (somehow) to pick up on Donkey’s trail, and with the party’s help finds a likely place for a faerie circle. It’s not much of a circle, but there’s a very small brown man guarding it. After a tense standoff (in which the brown creature draws his food utensils like weapons, and we engage him in a very brief combat), he allows Drax and Jamalla to partake of his lunch. However, the small man excludes the two dragonborn from the conversation, on the grounds that neither character is questing or bound. Anyhow, after Drax and Jamalla spend a little time getting to know the creature (and eating of his fairy food), the being agrees to ferry all of us into the Feywild proper, so long as we do not engage anybody who knowingly proclaims themselves to be a member of the Pine Court. He also imparts that the Invisible Warrior hangs around a place called the Dueling Grounds. So that’s where we go.

Once at the Dueling Grounds, we watch a rather spectacular (although nonlethal) battle take place between two arcane casters. The party hangs out while this is going on, and when the fight is over, the two participants (and their seconds) leave. Since the party doesn’t really know how to get up to the Dueling Grounds (or, really, who they would duel when they got there), Harmattan decides to try his hand at climbing the pillar in full armor. Harmattan and Jamalla take turns trying to climb the pillar, with Harmattan succeeding on the third try. Once all the party gets up to the top (some aided by ropes), the group encounters the old man in charge of the grounds. He explains the rules (such as they are), shows how the magic elevators work (oop!), and asks if we have a dispute/wish to resolve something. Since nobody in the group has any need to resolve a dispute with anyone else via a fight, Drax tries calling out to the Invisible Warrior.

The warrior is in fact there, and engages in conversation with Drax, although only in Elven. He agrees to show us to the Unmelting Cliff, in exchange that someone serve as his emissary in the Feywild for a year and a day (human time reckoning). This seems agreeable, and besides Drax muses that such service would be good for the Bluffington boy (if he manages to convict the kid of kidnapping and murder).

The Unmelting Cliff happens to be a large spire of ice sticking out of an unforgiving wasteland. Harmattan regrets bringing cold-weather and climbing gear, seeing as how the party knew the name of the place before the journey was started, but no matter. Jamalla begins the party’s ascent of the icy cliff face. Halfway up the spire the pathways up become blocked by a mountain cave, where four frost ogres appear to live. The session concludes.



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