The Destiny Of Dunsany

Session #11

The session opens with the group just underneath a flat ledge on the side of the Unmelting Cliff. Four frost ogres have taken up residence here, and the only way forward is through a cave at the rear of the ledge that the ogres are guarding. We set upon the ogres with grim efficiency, knowing that the longer we wait, the worse the stiff cold will affect the party.

We surprise the ogres, and quickly drive one of their number off the cliff. The other three prove a challenge, and the party fights as best it can against them. Eventually there is only the lead ogre left, and the party surrounds the creature and dispatches it in the end. The beings held nothing of value on their corpses, and even their weapons were just carefully molded icicles.

After the battle, the cold prevents us from resting and recharging our powers. We do find a large chest, overcome with ice, in the rear of the cave. Harmattan and Jamalla work to open the chest, and inside the group finds several treasures (a large wolf pelt, a dagger, and six flasks filled with an amber liquid). The party huddles under the large pelt for warmth for long enough to properly rest for the task ahead.

The cave spirals up inside the Unmelting Cliff. The ground is very slippery, and so the group take the time to chip little footholds into the ground to keep from slipping. Once we get far enough inside the tunnel, Jamalla hears a rumbling noise. Drax recognizes it for what it is, and we all hurry down to the bottom of the tunnel, just in time for a giant snowball to shoot out of the opening. After a few more times trying to climb the tunnel (along with some half-hearted attempts at sneaking up the tunnel by Jamalla), Drax decides to call out to the Invisible Warrior (who actually hasn’t gone anywhere, he’s just invisible). Drax promises hospitality to who ever is up there, and so we get to the top.

At the top of the Cliff are three things.
  1. A faerie, name of Snow-whistle
  2. A we-haven’t-checked-but-is-probably-human, name of Victor Mordekar
  3. A Viridian Flower Bush, about to bloom

Snow-whistle’s job is to, we guess, roll giant snowballs down that tunnel. Victor at first says nothing and does not move an inch, but eventually tells the party that he’s going to take the Viridian Flower. It seems his wife was turned into an undead creature, and the flower can restore one such to life again. He stakes his claim on the fact that he is first in line. It seems that he has been waiting for quite a long time. The Prince of the Oak Throne, Oberon, has gone missing, and either one must wait for the full moon to arrive ‘naturally’ at the Unmelting Cliff, or a faerie cooler than Oberon can come to claim the Oak Throne and make that flower bloom as often as he or she would like.

The session ends with the party in yet another moral quandary, wondering how they can get the Viridian Flower for Lord Dunsany, and still satisfy (one way or another) Sir Mordekar. Stay tuned!



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