The Destiny Of Dunsany

Session #12

The session opens with the party standing at the top of the Unmelting Cliff, deep in the Feywild. Standing up there with us is the faerie creature Snow-whistle, and the warrior Victor Mordekar. Also with us is a ‘bud’ of the Viridian Flower.

A thought occurs to Harmattan: is Victor still alive, after standing up here in the blistering cold for so long. Galeon checks for the classic signs undeath, and Harmattan tries to check to see if Victor still breathes. All signs prove positive, and Victor seems to have died waiting for the flower to open. Drax spends some time trying to convince Victor that his quest ended with his death, but to no avail. Jamalla offers Victor her special flower, which is also to no avail.

At this point Harmattan and Drax get into a bit of an argument over whether or not to fight Victor for his ‘right’ to the flower. Harmattan is for offering Victor a melee for the flower (seeing as how apparently he has done this before). Drax is adamant that since he offered hospitality to whoever was at the top of the cliff, that he couldn’t renege on that commitment, even with his father’s life hanging in the balance.

Drax then beings in the Invisible Warrior, and the party kicks around for a bit. Since the current holder of the Oak Throne (Oberon) is currently absent, the only being who could make the Viridian Flower bloom again is the moon itself. Drax begins to cotton to the idea of bargaining with the moon for his father’s life. He and the Invisible Warrior gin up an idea that it might be possible (in the Feywild at least) to visit the moon if one person ‘stopped walking’ while halfway through the transition of a Moonbridge. It is decided that the rest of the party stay on the cliff in case things get hairy, and Drax will try out the crazy moon thing.

Snow-whistle makes a Moonbridge (Drax still can’t pull this off), and the Invisible Warrior cuts the bridge when Drax has made it halfway across. Drax becomes the first mortal in quite some while to make it to the moon.

Drax’s time on the moon.

Drax finds the surface of the moon to be a…void. There’s not much going on. The air seems breathable and comfortable, but the view is of a vast, unblemished expanse. Off in the distance, there is a commotion of some sort, and Drax heads for it. It turns out to be a cadre of moon-people (uh, go here for an idea of a moon-person) riding clockwork horses straight across the featureless plain. They quickly surround Drax with their lances, but Drax convinces them that he is no threat, and gets them to take him to the Palace of the Lady of the Moon. One of the warriors gets off his steed so that Drax can ride, and he finds that he does not embarrass himself on the artificial horse.

Once at the palace, Drax speaks with the moon’s chamberlain, who is very annoyed with him, because he has appeared and thrown off the moon’s schedule. The moon is a very orderly place, you see, for all the chaos that is associated with lunacy is broadcast outward, leaving a land of strict nothing. At the same time, the chamberlain is interested with how Drax got to the moon. Drax sweet-talks his way into a quick meeting with the Lady, in order to get out of the minister’s scheme of things as soon as possible.

The Lady of the Moon: she is rather hard to look at directly. Rather ephemeral, one gets the impression of…’ladyness’, but little else. Extreme, beyond-mortal beauty, that kind of thing. When Drax gets his voice back, he asks the lady for his help in making another flower bloom at the Unmelting Cliff. To her it’s apparently not a big thing, because the moon keeps its own schedule (in the Feywild at least), but she’s going to want payment in return. Not knowing what else to offer, Drax offers the seemingly traditional three favors, and the Lady accepts. The moon lady says that the first task will be to defeat the Lunar Raiders, who cause considerable damage whenever they show up at the moon.

When Drax leaves, the chamberlain gives him a giant scroll which is a ritual book containing a number of rituals related to the moon and to moon travel. The chamberlain ships him back to the Unmelting Cliff via a Moonbridge

The rest of the party (Galeon, Jamalla, and Harmattan)

The other members of the group huddle under the Everliving Pelt. Harmattan addresses the Invisible Warrior, and tells him that he thinks Drax is crazy for trying to bargain with the moon. IW sort of agrees, but admires Drax for that craziness instead of scorning it. IW reveals that those who encounter him will forget about him once they leave the Feywild, because in his pursuit of martial excellence, the Invisible Warrior sacrificed everything else about himself (including fame or infamy). The warrior asks Harmattan what he’s fighting for, and Harmattan really isn’t sure. IW cautions against seeking power for its own sake.

Right on schedule, the Viridian Flower blooms, and immediately everyone goes mad with envy for the flower. Well, Jamalla really. She grabs the flower before anyone else can get to it, and escapes Harmattan’s attempt at capture. Victor Mordekar stabs her with his sword, which causes her to freeze solid. Victor then grabs the flower, nods a hasty goodbye to Snow-whistle, and jumps off the cliff. The party ‘de-tombs’ Jamalla (and warms her up with the pelt. Harmattan scans the area below the Cliff for Victor’s body, but does not find it.

A few minutes later something amazing happens: the moon travel backwards through the sky for a few minutes, and then travels forward again. A second Viridian Flower is born, and a Moonbridge carrying Drax lands at the cliff. Everyone sees the flower and goes mad with envy again, this time affecting everybody. Jamalla is quick enough to grab the flower again. but Drax is surprisingly able to demand the blossom from her. Once everyone regains their sanity, Drax pockets the flower, and we depart the Feywild.

Back in reality, the party finds itself on the outskirts of Dunsany, only a few days after we set off into the woods. First, we forget about all the interactions with the Invisible Warrior (it seems he’s invisible in more ways than one). Second, it seems the circus has come to town! Drax rushes to his father’s bedside, and without looking at it, touches the flower to the baron’s head. Something miraculous (again) happens: the flower wilts, and Dunsany comes out of his coma. The first thing out of the baron’s mouth: ‘The Forgotten Gods! I’ve seen them all, and I’ve learned so much! Quick son, a pen and paper, so I can write this down!’ Drax is unnerved by his father’s unexpected heresy, and retires for the night.

Harmattan makes a point to try and recruit the employees of the Red Deer for the Silver Dragon Company, but nobody’s buying. Thus concludes the session.

Stay tuned next week for…for I don’t know what!



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