The Destiny Of Dunsany

Session #13

The session opens with the party back in Dunsany only a few days after marching off into the Feywild after the Viridian Flower. The baron is hard at work on some blasphemous treatise in the study. Jamalla decides to go visit Madame Ilia for some advice on the loot we snagged from our latest adventure.

The hag explains to Jamalla that identifying things is part of her side business, and to please pay 20 gold per thing identified, potions and philtres a specialty. Jamalla is outraged, but manages to cough up 32 gold to identify the amber flasks and the dagger the party found at the Unmelting Cliff. Ilia refuses to take payment in any of the coins we got from the same chest, however.

Harmattan, seeing as how it’s night out with the full moon showing, is immediately worried about any Lunar Ravagers that might show up. Tiptoeing around Drax’s father in the manor library, Drax doesn’t find anything about ravagers, but does learn a ‘secret-to-be-named-later’ from the journals of the Dunsany family.

In the morning, Jamalla visits the auction house, Galeon and Harmattan patrol the circus, and Drax receives visitors and councilors at his house.

Jamalla pays a visit to Benelaus the auction master, who explains to her (apparently again) that to put an item up for sale in the auction house is to pay 10% of the reserve price up front as a fee for the house. Jamalla is outraged (again) (and broke), but after much soul-searching and whinging manages to get Benelaus to at least keep the beer in cold storage until some rich dwarves show up. At this point we don’t think Jamalla will part with the fey beer for anything less than a duchy. Anyhow, Benelaus also warns Jamalla that her torc is actually quite valuable, and that she should keep it hidden if she plans on wandering around the bad parts of town for much longer. Jamalla takes this advice to heart.

Harmattan manages (in his fatigued state) to browbeat some hobgoblins to act as security in the circus, and he and Galeon wander around. The circus does have some very nice animals, although nothing too carnivorous. The big attraction for Harmattan, however, are the mega-yaks. Hailing from the Cold Lands, these yaks are the perfect thing for a group on the move: they provide milk, they provide yak wool, they haul stuff you can eat the old ones, and you can probably make their horns into a baillsta. The two dragonborn talk with Kruldak the circusmaster about the circus and the yaks.

  1. Kruldak isn’t willing to part with any yaks
  2. He really doesn’t want to join the Silver Dragon Company
  3. He’d like to give a private performance for the baron’s family at some point
  4. Go talk to Vrildak some more for more yak info.

We talk to Vrildak and learn more about mega-yaks. He gives us some fine yak cheese. Jamalla shows up and finds a locked circus wagon, and someone says it’s a broken fortune-telling machine. They don’t let her in.

Meanwhile, Drax meets with his advisors. Soon Cargill, a scout for Marsden shows up. He and Drax exchange pleasantries, and then in private tells Drax that he’s really a spy for the king of Albion. Cargill is going to scout ahead in the elven forest. Drax says that isn’t really a good idea, and Cargill tells him not to worry, look at this big necklace full of dragon teeth of dragons I’ve killed. Cargill takes off.

Back at the circus, Fafnir, Stout-of-Heart shows up, and tells Galeon and Harmattan to quickly hide, because Cargill the Dragonslayer has been spotted in town. He’s the #1 bad guy to the High Castle right now, because he’s killed a whole lot of dragons and dragonborn. There’s a messenger on the way to the High Castle asking for reinforcements, but right now the goal is to sit tight. We sneak over to Dunsany Manor.

There at Dunsany Manor, Harmattan informs Drax of the pressing need to kill Cargill, Drax is vehemently against the idea, and refuses to help. After much back and forth, Jamalla agrees to spy on Cargill for the dragonborn, although Drax asks Jamalla to inform Cargill that the dragonborn are after him.

Harmattan heads to the temple of Corellon to meet with Adran, to try and get word to Friede Garwydion, the mean old elf who hates humans on principle. There are plans afoot, and dark stratagems, and all will be revealed next session!



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