The Destiny Of Dunsany

Session #5

Okay, the session starts off with a laundry list to talk to the elves about (Friede, dragon scales, Brog, lumberjacks). Before we go, Harmattan suggests we check in with the old baron to see if he’s ever had dealings with the elves re: home-team lumberjacks. Dunsany hasn’t, but says that his father might have: go check the library. So, we do. It turns out that Albinese have been trying to get at the lumber of the elven woods for a while, say once every 50-60 years. The records we find indicate an attempt 50 years ago, 120 years ago, and 180 years ago. Every time Dunsany has hewed to an old old pact: stay out of it. Basically, if you enter the forest without permission, all bets are off. We quietly hide the evidence of our town’s history of treason/common sense, and go forth to meet the elves.

The party enters the elven woods. Laraven remembers at the last minute that he personally isn’t an exile, but instead that his parents are (nice save!) Drax blows on a horn. After about 15 minutes a ‘welcome arrow’ comes shooting out of the woods, and into a tree. It’s there to let us know that we’re in bowshot range. After that a single elf comes out and asks us what we want. After some consultation, the nameless warden walked us through a dizzying route through the forest, through the faerie gate, and all the way to Diurna’s castle.

We greeted Diurna in her throne room. There’s some special protocol that dragonborn are supposed to use when they meet an elven princess, but Galeon and Harmattan forgot what it was. Drax raises the first of our concerns, that lumberjacks under the command of General Bluffington are coming to chop down the forest. He wishes to resolve the situation with a minimum of bloodshed, but Diurna is unimpressed. She’d be happy to watch the humans try it and get killed. Galeon offers to take a message to the Albion king, which Diurna accepts. A wrapped scroll appears in Galeon’s hand, with instructions to deliver the message to the human king. This might prove difficult, because Albion does not currently recognize elven nobility. Jamalla suggests (briefly) to send assassins after Marsden and Bluffington, which amuses Diurna. The eladrin princess gifts the halfing with an undying rose, and claims that it will someday prove useful.

As for our other discussion points: Diurna refuses to discuss Brog in any detail, and Friede’s activities in town fall below her notice. On the subject of the silver dragon scales, however, Diurna proposes a deal: three favors, two to be determined later. The first favor would be the retrieval of the Emerald Eye of Agotta, a powerful artifact lost for 5000 years. Supposedly it’s in the tomb of a forgotten human warlord deep in the north of the orcish highlands. Jamalla asks if the eye is at all powerful, and presumably it is, because the Ivy Princess is willing to trade a very large quantity of silver dragon scales for it. We promise to retrieve the object, and proceed to take our leave. We are led out of the Feywild by an irascible talking donkey named, ‘The Donkey’.

Back in town, Drax checks the library for information regarding the emerald eye. A human explorer from times past once made a survey of tombs in the orc lands, and even managed to search one of them before being forced to turn back. The book details two other likely locations where the Eye might be found, but warns that delving that far deep into orc territory is just asking for trouble.

Vasilisa visits with Adran at the town’s temple to Corellon to ask him for legends about the Eye. Adran reports the following, ‘The ancient legends tell us that Corellon once struck an eye from the orc’s deity, Gruumsh. So, Gruumsh was obliged to try and return the favor. A powerful elf named Agata interceded in the conflict, and Gruumsh took one of his eyes instead. In gratitude, Correlon crafted the Emerald Eye as a replacement for Agotta. The eye has been lost for many thousands of years.’

Harmattan, Jamalla, and Galeon go to meet with Sabb, a noted orcish butcher and all-around headman for the orcs in Dunsany. Harmattan tells Sabb that they might have the King of the World on their hands, and at first Sabb is skeptical. Harmattan tells Sabb that around 20 people so far have died because of Brog, and Sabb is much more impressed. Sabb tells Harmattan that although Virgil Bluffington’s plan (trade Brog for orc fighters) might have seemed like a good plan to a human, the orcs wouldn’t see it that way. If you want to deal with orcs, first you have to fight them. A lot of them. Talk and trade may be fine for others, but for true orcs, apparently it’s fighting or nothing. Harmattan seems disheartened by this, but before the group leaves Sabb gives them a braided cord of spiced unicorn meat for the King. Jamalla and Harmattan get into a little fight over the meat, so Galeon takes it, and delivers it to Drax.

As the last sortie of the evening, the party heads out to the old mill on the edge of town to try and meet up with the enigmatic William Stern. We search around the rundown structure for some time, but find nothing of interest. Finally we stumble upon a grave, which yields the body of a middle-aged man, fully dressed and equipped. Drax immediately assumes that Friede killed Stern, and declares the elf to be persona non grata in Dunsany. Stern’s body had a large number of interesting documents on it, the following three being of great interest.

  1. A detailed description of Dunsany and its surrounding environs, possibly useful as an invasion tool.
  2. A fascinating ledger book describing a number of illegal activities, their costs and their rates of return (we think).
  3. A letter, signed Avernus, detailing William Stern’s part of the poisoning plot (Get the humans killed once they kill Valemar and frame Dunsany). It appears that Friede Garwydion took on this job after killing William Stern for an unknown reason.

That’s it for this session (pretty sure, anyway).



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