The Destiny Of Dunsany

Session #7

The session opens with Drax giving a rousing speech (in Common) to the assembled orc tribes, where he epically fails a critical Diplomacy check, twice. Grost, the chieftain of the Iron Teeth, approaches Drax and proudly proclaims, ‘We accept your declaration of war!’ Everyone does a face palm. We hand Brog back to his people (the Harl tribe having shown up at some point during the night), and high-tail it out of the area before Drax can cause his hometown any more damage. The eladrin disappear as mysteriously as they arrived, never to return.

The party decides to re-group by visiting the other burial site mentioned in the journal from the Dunsany library. The site appears to be a cavern opening down a hard embankment and across the river from where we are. We cross the terrain without incident, and begin to explore the ruin. Inside we find a large double door that apparently has not been opened for many centuries. We get the door open (and brace it with stones to keep it from closing on us), and head in.

Inside is an enormous underground dwelling. The main tunnel is gigantic, easily larger than our light can encompass. The chamber is held up with large pillars, each of which is covered with the history of the dwarves who lived and mined there. Drax knows the Dwarven runes, and so we read, for about seven hours, about 100 feet into the chamber before the writing ends. Another 40 feet or so and we find a larger-than-life statue depicting the mythical dwarven king Thorin Weresgard. The statue is made of purest marble, and must have been placed here with much difficulty. Flanking the statue on either side are a pair of double doors, both magically sealed. Knowing what we know about the ‘Other’ that plagued the dwarves of long, we decide that discretion is the better part of adventuring, and leave the ruin. Perhaps we’ll get the chance to tell the dwarves in town about this later.

The next day we head back to the ring of dolmen stones. The area is deserted this time, and so we explore. It seems that the capstone is the middle of the ring is a ‘Chinese puzzle box’ of sorts. It requires 4 (at least) people to raise the stone all at the same time, or else a trap will be set off. The orcs apparently had been using the stone for sacrifices and the like. We get the stone off the top after about 2 hours of work, and head inside.

About 20 feet down is a small chamber, where to the right is a dead fountain of clear green water. We play around with the water for a bit, and go in deeper. We find ourselves surrounded by crowded biers holding the long-dead. At which point these dead return to a cruel mockery of life, and attack us. We do battle with the living dead.

During the battle we discovered that certain stones in the passageway are trapped, so that stepping on them would unleash gouts of flame from some very lifelike dragon statues in the far corner. Harmattan and Galeon admire the handiwork of their ancestors (indeed, the trap-statues are engraved with warnings inn Draconic to Get Out), and the party proceeds to cross the treacherous floor. Only Galeon is burned, and then only a little.

The group finds itself at the end of the tunnel, where a curious pyramidal stone serves as a cap, while a stinking pit on three sides of the pyramid seem ominous. The dragonborn break a portcullis leading down to the wretched hole, and Drax throws a candle into a mass of oily corpses at the bottom. Immediately the mass lights on fire and comes to life.

Stay tuned next time for the Battle with The Flaming Corpse Ooze!! Also, what does Drax tell his dad, ‘Sorry pop, I started a war with the orcs, they’re going to raise a horde and conquer every city they can find’. Pure comedy!



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