The Destiny Of Dunsany

Session #8

The scene opens with the party encountering a flaming black ooze littered with corpses. It threatens to engulf and digest the entire party. Drax, Jamalla, Galeon, and Harmattan all engage the creature in battle. Once the monster is sufficiently wounded, it starts manipulating the corpse bones that make up its form to explode when struck. Harmattan is forced to retreat. Finally, after a mighty struggle, Galeon is able to deliver the final blow, and the horrible ooze looses cohesion and its liquid body drains out of the chamber. Jamalla goes to investigate the stinking bones left over from the monster, and finds nothing of interest.

After a short rest, in which the party expresses shock and delight upon learning that they still live, they investigate the pyramidal capstone at the center of the room. Jamalla discovers that there is a kerosene smell coming from underneath the stone, and Harmattan uses a very naughty word to light the substance on fire. The capstone explodes upwards and shatters against the ceiling. Also, once the capstone is removed an iron sarcophagus pops up out of the floor.

Jamalla discovers that while the sarcophagus is not trapped, it does require four people (again!) to open the lid. We do so, and encounter a mummified human body. It doesn’t spring to life. We also find a number of treasures, including an adamantine-alloy torc (necklace), a remarkably well-preserved cloak, a longsword made out of actual iron (which was apparently rare in the era in which Uther’s body was buried), and a necklace with an emerald dangling from the end of it. Magical enquiry shows that the necklace has something of the spirit of the fey about it, and so the party believes it to be the Emerald Eye of Agotta.

The group replaces the mummy in his coffin and closes the doors, and gets out of the underground tomb and replaces the top capstone. The party encounters no other creatures on the way from the orc highlands to the elven forest. Once at the border of the forest, Harmattan calls out to the woods, asking for an audience with Diurna Vastes. Our escort this time is Donkey once again, and Jamalla gives the beast a ration of mead.

Once in the Feywild, Harmattan attempts to discern Diurna’s mood from reading the clouds and the sky, and also attempts to recall the proper etiquette when a dragonborn meets elven nobility. He fails at both tasks.

Diurna is pleased at the recovery of the Eye, and lets us know that we are free to use the silver scales of Estheriax as we so wish. She informs Drax of the dragon’s fate, and assures the party that no recrimination from dragonkind would be warranted from wearing or using the scales. She then sets before Drax another challenge: recovering the Ruby Heart of Rhiannon, which she claims Drax will soon encounter during the course of his travels. Jamalla is suspicious of all these crystalline body parts floating around, and wants to know more. Diurna says that while there are far too many stories about the Ruby Heart to recount in a single sitting, she does mention that her third favor will be the recovery of a particular soul.


With that, the party leaves the Feywild and returns to Dunsany town. Once there Drax learns that a serious attempt has been made on his father’s life. Someone (possibly a halfling) fired a very accurate poisoned crossbow bolt at Dunsany, and that right now he is in a coma. Even the very best healers of the town (the Hag) have been unable to bring the liege around. For now the populace is being told that Dunsany has ‘retreated to his quarters’ while the day-to-day is being handled by the seneschal Gastineaux. Drax reports to him about the various tombs we encountered, and Harmattan pipes up that Drax accidentally declared war on the orc tribes. Gastineaux is most distressed. The construct assures us that the very best…’Hippocratean’ care is being given to Drax’s father, but that Dunsany did not wish for more drastic ‘life extension’ measures be used, due to the circumstances surrounding a deal struck between Dunsany and his demon wife. Dunsany has not left a living will.

The party then speaks to Durgon Forgebender, the leader of the dwarves in town. Drax tells him that he may begin work on shaping the elven scale horde into armor fit for an army. Harmattan also mentions that we discovered the hall of Thorin Weresgard, and at that news Durgon becomes very grim. He declares his intention to unseal the vault and smite the evil that lies therein. Drax argues with him a little bit, saying that the vault is really quite spooky, and that our company would be quite glad to leave it alone. Durgon says that isn’t an option for him. Drax finally agrees that if the dwarves are going, that Drax and co. will have to go too, but for the moment decides against telling Durgon quite where in the orc highlands the vault lies.

Lastly, Jamalla visits the Hag surreptitiously once again, and asks her what the green liquid was that we encountered at the fountain of Uther’s Tomb. The Hag swishes the mixture around in her mouth, and swallows it down. ‘Water, lightly flavored with pond scum’ is the answer. Another mystery solved!

Tune in next time when we
  1. might have a trial
  2. grill Mad Eladrin about the Empty Scroll
  3. quite possibly get into a fight with lumberjacks
  4. attempt to track down the mysterious Avernus



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