The Destiny Of Dunsany

Session #9

The party ends up talking to a lot of people this session, so here goes.

  1. The party finds MadEladrin ranting, naked, in the town square. Why does Dunsany allow this again? Anyway, this time he wants to racially segregate everyone in town. Drax, being the lone tiefling, would get the kitchen and part of the library of Dunsany Manor. Weird. We ask him about the blank scroll, and he says that if you whisper the password ‘apiary’ to the bartender of the Raging Pegasus in Southport, that you get to further foster contact with the Avernus organization. Sounds good. Harmattan also asks the madman about the crystalline body parts that Diurna Vastes has asked the party to retrieve. He says that possessing all of them can lead to apotheosis for the bearer. This sounds bad: everyone thinks that Diurna would make a lousy deity. MadEladrin also mentions that the Emerald Eye had a curse on it, and was anyone feeling weird? The curse starts to hit Drax right then, and he shushes MadEladrin, saying the curse doesn’t exist. What curse, there’s no curse really, that’s just a tall tale. We also promise him that he’ll lead the Eladrin Corps of the Silver Dragon Company, which is good because we don’t have any other eladrin yet. They’re apparently not a very ‘groupy’ bunch: if you want an eladrin community’s help, you talk to every eladrin. Sounds like fun.
  2. Drax pays a visit to Valemar, and talks a little bit about the upcoming visit by Marsden, and of the eventual trial of Bluffington’s nephew. Valemar is willing to stick around for the trial, but turns down Drax’s offer of a commission. Valemar has his own troops to lead, after all. He’s really a nice guy after all, and offers to send some of his soldiers to help with the Dunsany effort. Drax sagely turns him down for fear that these men would just be conscripted to try and cut down elven trees.
  3. Drax and Harmattan show up at Sabb the butcher’s house, where he’s training the little orclings how to box. Drax tells Sabb the bad news, that the orcs of the hills will unite to form a horde and attack Dunsany. Sabb takes this surprisingly in stride, but is fascinated to learn that the Forgebenders are working on armor for the company.

‘Orcs with armor made by dwarves are invincible!’

Good to hear it.
  1. Murgin, the hobgoblin dentist, is happy to report that the town’s hobgoblin’s are happy to switch from town guard to mercenary soldiers. Pay them gold and they’re happy.
  2. The party encounters Wuster Bane in the goblin part of town, and he seems to be a mad scientist. Drax gives him a pep talk and asks to see to some plans for some goblin gliders (or giant drill soldiers, or wasp riders, or something), and we beat feet before someone loses a finger.
  3. In the early evening, Harmattan sits down to write a letter to the High Castle, asking for permission to go fight in the mercenary company Drax is forming. He realizes that there’s no one really available to take the letter to the Lands Beyond (Here Be Dragons), and the other dragonborn would see it as a sign of weakness to a) either do Harmattan’s bidding without a good reason, or b) go deliver a measly letter to the Castle. Aria Brightheart asks Harmattan why exactly he wants to fight against Columbia for money in the first place, and Harmattan can’t really think of a good reason. Brightheart pushes further, saying that with all the scummy tidings from Albion, that the town would be better off marching to the capital city as conquerers rather than mercenaries, and Harmattan admits that it might even come to that. For now though, he’s willing to go the middle way (not be in an Inhuman Legion, and not declare war on a major nation from a tiny village) in order to get by. This is a totally human attitude, and Aria is disappointed.
  4. We get some random rumors that the halflings in town are busy setting up a crime syndicate while the important people go away to make war. Just great.
  5. We get some more random rumors that we might be able to recruit some human wizards to our cause if we help tilt the Dunsany Auction House a few favors their way. Such things are possible, apparently.
  6. Lastly, we contact the Hag, and ask if she’d be willing to follow our legion as an apothecary. She would, reluctantly, for the right price. More importantly, she tells us that she might be able to cure Dunsany if only she had a Viridian Flower, a rare plant that only grows in the Feywild. We must travel to the Unmelting Cliff during a full moon (which is mutable), and the Invisible Warrior is involved in some fashion.

A~ha! A quest! With that last bit of news, the session is concluded.

Tune in next time when we wander through the Feywild looking for flowers, and maybe fighting things. And maybe talking to or fighting with more of Dunsany’s fascinating townsfolk.



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