Drax Plunkett

A tiefling warlord, and the scion of Baron Dunsany


Drax is the son of the current baron (and, presumably, a demoness), and a capable captain of the guard. Although he’s a generally good man, he does sport horns and a tail, which makes him a target for the surrounding nobility. If his father dies, questions will be raised in certain quarters as to the tiefling’s fitness for the ruling mantle of a human (ish) settlement. Before that happens, Drax runs the security detail and the local information network in town.

Also, the name ‘Drax Plunkett’ is pulled from a real-live person, this guy. Any similarities between the actual person and this PC are laughable. Also, Baron Dunsany is not a pistol-wielding palooka who falls for a psychic gypsy. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Drax Plunkett

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