Deep in the elves’ forest resides at least one portal into Faerie (specifically the region of the Ivy Throne. The portal takes the form of a circle of special mushrooms. On the other side, well, it’s like the other side of reality. The sky appears to be stuck in a perpetual dawn (very pink). Flora of all types (trees, grasses, etc.) appears to both in flower and fruit at the same time, and the air is suffused with pollen. In the ‘middle’ is a perfect example of a fairy-tale castle, in which sits the Ivy Throne. It might be possible to quarter all of Dunsany’s citizens within this castle building, but that’s probably a really desperate idea.

There are 7 seven thrones scattered around the Feywild, and seven princes or princesses who control them. To hold a throne is to control a little chunk of the Feywild itself. For instance, the dawn-colored sky, the screwy plant life and the elves’ giant castle itself are apparently caused by the will of the current holder of the Ivy Throne, Diurna Vastes.

Being a prince or princess isn’t hereditary. Rather, the thrones’ owners are decided by a sort of merit, based in part on how ‘cool’ you are at the moment. Eladrin have a head-start in this competition, but anyone can ascend. Anyone can descend just as quickly, however, and the princedoms change hands with surprising frequency for such a long-lived folk.

20 years ago, MadEladrin was deposed as holder of the Ivy Throne, and Diurna Vastes put in his place. Brog is not currently an elf prince (Harmattan figured he’d ask).

The elves and eladrin do not control the whole of the Feywild, for there are scarier and more eldritch creatures lurking in the un-mappable depths…such as the moon.

The Feywild is divided (roughly) into 7 principalities, known as thrones. The ones we know about so far are

Oak – Currently uninhabited, the only one currently vacant (absent ruler: Oberon)

Ivy – Held by Diurna Vastes, scary necromancer, previously held by MadEladrin

Ash – ???

Pine – Currently held by Arawn, the Horned King. Eek!

Holly – ??? Also, eek.

There are two others, but we don’t know their names. I guessed Thorn and Cactus, but am wrong on both counts. Maybe Toadstool? Also, while there are supposedly seven thrones, we aren’t likely to see thrones for plants that aren’t native to the area…Palm throne? Cloud Canopy throne?

In addition to Thrones, the Feywild also supports ‘Courts’ which are presumably divisions of faeries and eladrin based on moral choices rather than geography. The known courts are Seelie and Winter, although what they stand for at this time is unknown.


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