orc traditions

So, don’t think of orcs as just lumpy brown or green people with big teeth, because it doesn’t quite work that way.

The best way to reason with an orc is to fight him.

Fighting and killing aren’t ‘bad’ to an orc, they are part of daily life.

Orcs aren’t overly fond of civilized things, like traveling on roads, or military tactics.

An orc feels invincible when wearing dwarf-made armor.

Orcs will eat just about anything.

Don’t bargain with the orcs, unless you’re looking for a fight.

Orcs probably have some kind of Lamarckian evolution thing going for them, that is, if you boil an orc in very hot water every day, that orc’s kids will most likely have fire resistance. Orcs can (I think) foster a ‘queen bee orc’ (a horde master), who have some pretty weird powers (re: Brog).

When dealing with the orcs as diplomatically as possible, fighting and killing a few isn’t looked unfavorably by the orcs in power. The orcs you just killed were weak enough to be killed by you, after all.

The most well-known orc in Dunsany right now is probably Sabb the butcher.

orc traditions

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