Silver Dragon Company

The mercenary company cooked up by Drax to keep the Albinese general Marsden from showing, drafting everybody into an ‘Inhuman Legion’ and basically getting everyone killed.

So far, the party has recruited the following groups or secured the following treasure

  1. Secured a giant cache of silver dragon scales from Diurna Vastes (after which the company is named).
  2. Gotten Durgon Forgebender to make a lot of good dwarf armor out of said dragon scales
  3. Promised Sabb and the townie orcs dwarf-made armor in exchange for fighting for Dunsany
  4. Promised the mad goblin inventor Wuster Bane a small retainer to apply his twisted ‘genius’ to the science of war
  5. Given MadEladrin a commission as the leader of the eladrin corps. We haven’t recruited any other eladrin yet
  6. Promised Murgin and his hobgoblin allies fair wages for fair combat

Potential things the Silver Dragon Company will be recruited to fight include

  1. The orc tribes of the highlands, against whom Drax foolishly declared war
  2. Whatever evil lies sleeping in the tomb of Thorin Weresgard
  3. The nation of Columbia
  4. The nation of Albion
  5. Creatures the Lady of the Moon has only identified as ‘moon raiders’

Silver Dragon Company

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